Aw, Hell.

Even after spending 2 1/2 years living in Oregon we never made it to the eastern side of the state. Until now. I definitely give Mother Nature two thumbs up as it is absolutely beautiful! We had become so accustomed to the groves of forest on the western side of the state that we were in awe at the vast beauty of the open spaces we had traveled upon. Image

Having seen photos in a few Oregon magazines, we decided we wanted to see Hells Canyon. The drive to it was just as spectacular as the canyon itself. Once again, we found ourselves in search of our next home (aka campground) and found a large space right on a creek. It seems not too many people are fond of camping in the heat of the summer so we pretty much had the entire campground to ourselves. Unpacking and setting up has become a bit of a ritual at this point and therefore moves along rather quickly. I set up the tent and the husband prepares dinner. I don’t know if it has been intentional this entire time but it seems we keep holing up near water which is awesome when the temp is nearing (if not above) 100 degrees! Much of our time here was spent exploring the water, hiking up and down the creek bed looking for the perfect sunbathing spot. And the nice thing about isolation is the privacy for skinny dipping!

ImageI’m always amazed at the abundance of wildflowers that grow along the roadside even desert like areas. Driving up to the Hells Canyon lookout, we were cast with colors of purples, yellow, reds and oranges, all blossoming out the sides of rocks. The lookout that was waiting for us was a majestic vision of contrast within the landscape. We learned that Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in North America.The Snake River winds its way through continuing to shape it. I suppose it is similar in that way to the Grand Canyon. 

Another adventure come and gone, a new place explored and more fun had. Continuing eastward and slowly but surely making our way back home. Our trip more than halfway done but not over yet!