A roof over my head

ImageIt’s one thing you can take for granted. Certainly, there are plenty of people in this world who live this way day to day but if you do not, then you begin to realize how enjoyable it can really be. Our last adventure (as you readers previously read about) was spent in the rainy outdoors so I fully intended to take advantage of my newest digs- a climate controlled, finally dry environment. My husbands family rented a beautiful beach house for the week in Oceanside, OR. Slightly up on a hill, it has a spectacular view of the green Oregon hills and ocean out of the large bay windows. The sun rises and sets in this house, basking everyone inside with it’s warm glow. 

At its peak, this place housed 13 of us. That’s a lot of humans in one place. And trying to organize that many humans into one activity at one time is a whole other labor of love. To be honest, I think that only happened once and it was to watch fireworks for the 4th of July. Mostly we split off into little groups based on what different folks wanted to do. On the whole, meals were a ‘fend for yourself’ kind of arrangement. Again, something to be expected with so many people. We had days and nights at the beach flying kites, bonfires and hula hooping. Other days were spent meandering through charming coastal towns, hiking out to lighthouses or lounging lazily around the house. It is Oregon so we often watched the clouds roll in and out, bringing drizzle and winds, though we happily were blessed with a couple of days of clear blue skies. Image

I should mention I have had cake and doritos every day this week. The cake was necessary as we celebrated four birthdays this week. Each birthday person was baked their very own cake. I don’t count this as unhealthy since each one contained fruit. Cake with fruit = healthy in my book. Now doritos on the other hand were very much a guilty pleasure, but one I am in no rush to indulge in anytime soon again. There is a good chance my insides are as orange as a Jersey Shore cast member (and I can say this because I am from Jersey). I did have a couple of guilty parties encouraging this behavior, but for their sake and the fact that I am a lady, I will not reveal their identities. 

ImageI suppose one of the more amusing observations I have had this week is what it must be like to have multiple personality disorder. It’s not hard to imagine if you close your eyes and listen to 12 people all talking/laughing/shouting across the room to each other at the same time. Add a few glasses of wine and that bumps up the imagination another notch or two. There were times I would throw myself into the camaraderie and others I would quietly sit and chuckle (ok, there also may have been an occasional eye roll but I know I wasn’t the only one).

Our last evening here will be spent celebrating one final birthday and another bonfire on the beach (complete with s’mores!) before the chaos of packing up this crazy hotel ensues. It shouldn’t take husband and I very long to complete our packing process- we’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and are like speedy gonzales in packing mode. I suspect however that we will be thrown into the rest of the packing mix. All in all I love this crazy in-law family of mine and have had a great week getting to know them all a bit better. Thanks everyone and thanks for giving me a place to crash for a few days with a roof over my head.


Oh The Places We’ll Go!

Me and the husband- 6 weeks- a truck and 6 states. We’re road tripping! It’s that time of year when residents living in the Valley of the Sun flee in search of cooler climates. Well we are happily jumping on that bandwagon. California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada are all calling our name! Not too many people have the luxury of being able to take off so much time but we have been blessed in that department. My husband works as a massage therapist for a fancy shmancy resort that drastically slooooows down in the summer. They generously approved his requested time off and I since I am self employed, I had no issues getting the time off from my boss. (And for anyone reading this thinking we will have an empty house for 6 weeks in case you might want to “stop” by for some belongings, we will have a house/pet sitter, so maybe next time.)

Only a few days left and we have lots to do! How does one pack for 6 weeks? We will be camping, staying in hotels, staying with friends and using timeshare. We are attending a wedding, will be galavanting through a few cities, hiking and will most likely experience a wide array of weather conditions. So basically I need to be able to fit everything I own into a couple of suitcases. Huh.

Our expectations are exceedingly high. Is this foolish? Perhaps. We just kinda thought that this needs to be the most epic summer EVER. We plan to laugh and play, dance and swim, reconnect with friends and family, hoop and sleep in. I am looking to this summer to be a journey of continued self discovery. I also want it to be a strengthening and intimate opportunity to connect with my husband. We have a wonderful and happy marriage but being in the car with anyone for 6 weeks can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately we both have a laid back sense of adventure and humor!

My plan is to blog from the road- when we have access to the inter-web anyway. I believe I am correct in my assumption that you will all want to see where I am and what I am doing. It’s going to be a fabulous trip so why wouldn’t you? So pack your mental bags and let’s get ready to go!!