Camping, The Simple LIfe

ImageNow I love to camp. I know there are some that shrink in horror at the idea of being planted in the middle of nature with “nothing to do”, but I am like one of those mythical female creatures that is just as happy sleeping in a tent and peeing in the woods as I am slapping on a pair of 6 inch heels and hitting the town. However, if you are waiting for the zombie apocalypse then you need not look any further than your local forest. Mosquitoes. These irritating, flesh coveting, blood sucking little fiends are the bain of my existence. You find yourself enjoying a beautiful sunny day and you want to wear your cute shorts with a tank but clearly you are asking for trouble. They wait, patiently awaiting the smallest amount of skin exposure and then begin to attack your flesh, like a swarm of locusts, your blood ripe for the sucking. Bastards. 

But I love to camp. I love the simplicity of it. Things your would normally exercise a healthy level of OCD about at home, go right out the proverbial window in nature. Washing dishes for example- there are obviously no dishwashers in the woods but no matter! A simple wipe down with a wet paper towel does the job just fine. And you can only use so many layers of blanket to make your sleeping space in your tent so comfortable. But at the end of the day, when you break out the instant pasta side dish, boil some water and cook it up on your teeny one pot stove, nothing ever tasted so good. Image

Our last week was well spent, albeit rainy, gazing upwards at the tall trees in the Redwoods. This is absolutely one of my favorite places to spend time on the planet. These trees possess all the inherent wisdom of the earth. They have been around for thousands of years and there is no sign of them dying out anytime soon. I find myself lucky being married to a massage therapist because by the end of the day, your neck needs a good rubbing. Flowing around these spectacular trees is the beautiful Smith River. Crystal clear, pristine and cold, this river is a splendid place for lounging (if you happen to be lucky enough to have a day of sun). Now we didn’t have access to a hot shower so the Smith worked just fine. Nothing wakes you up first thing in the morning like a cleansing dip!

ImageI hope to spend the rest of my days returning over and over again to this magical place. It’s easy to imagine the ancient dinosaurs roaming these lands, eating from the tops of the trees. The fern grows abundantly filling the underbrush of these towering beings. Everywhere you look is green, green, green. I find a calm and grounding presence inhibits this forest. I feel at peace and connect to the earth. It’s kind of like home.