Adventures in cooking, from a non-cooker

ImageI never had much inspiration in the kitchen growing up (no offense ma). Meals were made for our survival, but exposure to anything much beyond chicken and rice, spaghetti or mac and cheese were left to our imaginations. Sometimes our dad would cook but we typically thought his “creations” were better left alone. With that being said, I have never been much of a kitchen whiz. But suddenly, something has come over me. Could it be my new found healthy living commitment? Could it be the recipes on Pinterest that leave me drooling? I’m not exactly sure- maybe it’s both but turns out when I put my mind to it, I am quite the freaking kitchen goddess!

While bouncing and sweating about on the elliptical machine the other day, I found myself thinking, “Well, if I am going to start exercising to stay healthy, I suppose I should change my eating habits as well.” Many people have it in their minds that in order to eat healthy, everything is required to taste like grass or cardboard. I used to fall into that category. To my surprise however, that is not true!

I have been a self appointed Pinterest addict for some time now- one of those types that pins a million different things, but without ever going back to experiment with any of the ideas I pin. It’s kind of pathetic (you can read about my addiction in an earlier post). For some reason, inspiration has struck and I am actually practicing what I pin. I have discovered that there are many types of delicious morsels that are actually good for you, and they are now coming out of my kitchen! My husband of course is in food heaven. He is loving this domestic side of me. Image

While perusing the inter-web this evening, I came across a blog about Pinterest fails. Ya know, crafts or recipes that us “normies” have tried, based on things we have seen online, but they come out terribly. I can say at this point that I have had nothing but success (granted it is still quite early in the game). Dinners, desserts and appetizers alike have come out tasty and delicious. I’m starting to have high hopes for my abilities. Maybe this is foolish but I am on a roll and am determined not to let anyone rain on my food parade. So proud am I in-fact, that I have even been photo documenting my achievements and posting online. I am like a proud new food mama, sharing her accomplishments with the world. And ain’t nobody putting my baby in a corner.