How I got my groove back

ImageIt’s been awhile since I had a good hard core, rock out, hoop jam session, but tonight was my night. Part of it has been that the husband and I have just recently returned from a 6 week road trip. The other part of it has been that it  has not dropped below 105 degrees for some time now- and that is just too dang hot to do anything in! Today however I decided to bite the desert dust and go for it, for it has been long over due. That and I have a brand new, super awesome, LED atomic hoop to boot! This hoop is the bees knees and has been patiently sitting in the corner of my room just waiting for a good spin. 

I gave it a go earlier in the day while the sun was still behind cloud cover. I suppose I lasted 15 minutes or so before that burning orb decided to make an inevitable appearance and bake me from the inside out. It felt good but didn’t feel quite enough. My attempt to go to the gym today was quickly thwarted once we arrived and realized that it closes early on Sunday. No matter. It left me with plenty of energy to head out into the cover of night and get my hoop groove on. This plan of action didn’t actually come to fruition until I was finished salivating over my hearty dinner of hawaiian pizza and subjecting my eyes to some rather inspirational hoop videos. They get me every time. 

But that is only half the motivation. The other half consists of music. I will admit, I have been in a music rut. It’s amazing when one has close to 600 songs on one’s playlist and there is just nothing on there worth listening to anymore. That put me on a mission and subsequently brought with it the purchase of 3 new tunes. Naturally, I will listen to these songs until death do us part, (so a few weeks straight maybe?) and then it will once again be time for something new. For this particular evening, they well served their purpose. 

Finally ready to go with hoop in hand and iPod in pocket, I cranked the music and let my body fly. The moon was out and about and gazed over me as I danced. I noticed lightening off in the distance flashing its flashy bolts, probably happy for the company of my flashy lights. I twirled. I swirled. I moved my body in soft, swaying, goddess-like ways. My insides sang songs of bliss. My bare feet took delight connecting to the earth. I transported to a place of freedom with the moon as my witness. 

All this happened in the span of an hour. It was all I needed. 

And this is how I got my groove back.