Back to the GRIND

9am. I just the husband off to work. This time last week we were lazily waking up to the sun rising over red rocks and the sound of a bubbling creek in Zion National Park. Something is wrong with this picture.

We had spent so much time savoring each moment while traveling that we didn’t give much thought at all to home. And now here we are. A few days in feeling comfortable yet strange in our surroundings. It’s almost as if someone plopped us down into someone else’s life with all of our belongings. We find ourselves aimlessly wandering around the house not knowing what to do with ourselves. It feels like we should be going somewhere and doing something. I spent the day yesterday cleaning the house. Even though no one was living here the dust still piles up! I began to realize how much time and effort keeping up a house really takes. It is much more simple when the dirt and dust that surrounds you is supposed to be there because you are outdoors.

Mind you, I am not living a total grind. I still have the luxury of not having to work. My days are filled with writing, cleaning, reading and working on other projects. I come and go as I please and stay as busy, or not, as I desire. Come September I will be joining the resort my husband works at to offer hoop dance classes. A few hours a week of  teaching people how to spin and play with a plastic circle. One could hardly call that work. It will however, be a routine. This is not the worst thing for me though. I enjoy having things to do. I feel I am a better person when I have purpose. I like to share my passions with the world. Usually I am working on a few different things at once. Perhaps this is my Gemini nature.

All in all it feels good to be home. It is taking some adjusting but I am sure it will feel completely normal in no time at all. I am looking forward to connecting with friends I have yet to see and starting up classes and meetups again. Just gotta get back into the swing of things.


And in conclusion-

Image6 weeks, 5 states and 4,871.2 miles later and we are finally home. The little less than 5 hour drive home from Vegas to Phoenix seemed to fly by considering how much time we had already spent on the road. This last month and a half has been exciting, adventurous and well spent- shared with lots of friends and family. Would we do it all over again? Absolutely! Of course next time I am sure we will want to take a different route and check out some new places. I’m already thinking next year of doing New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and maybe Montana but I suppose I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. 

We woke up this morning almost giddy with excitement about the idea of finally heading home. Most vacations never seem to last long enough and the anticipation of home/reality brings a sense of dread. It’s quite different when you have been gone for 6 weeks, at least for us. The idea of sleeping in our own bed, surrounded by our things and playing with our kitties again brought a sense of joy. There was a quick stop by the post office to pick up quite a large stack of mail and the next thing we knew, our driveway was before us. Even though we had had someone coming by on a regular basis to check on things, there was still a wonder as to what condition the house might be in. Not sure if the cats had been too bored and decided to tear up the carpet and furniture or not…thankfully everything was in tact. Well, everything except our plants. All of them dead, dead, dead. We have not completed a full summer here in the Valley of the Sun so didn’t know whether or not anything living had the potential to survive or not. Turns out not. Apparently it just gets waaaaay to hot down here. Plants are replaceable. We were just happy that the cats were alive.

So here at sit back at my very own desk writing dear readers, to you. I hope I have regaled you with the tales of our travels over the last 6 weeks. The blogging will continue- there are other topics to be blogged about other than travel after all. But until I blog again, I think to myself….welcome home.