Plaaaaay Baaaaaaallllll!

Baseball. The American pastime that still is. I haven’t been to a game since I was 10 or so but the husband and myself needed something new to do- and tickets were pretty cheap. I guess I thought the game itself would be more exciting than it actually was. Prior to the game, the downtown Phoenix area was abuzz with anticipation- who was gonna win? Now, I don’t know squat about sports never mind having any idea of what team is better. Since I have no real loyalty to the sport, I just decided to root for the home team- the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I had at least hoped that watching the game in person would be more entertaining than watching on television. I suppose it was a bit, but would have been much more so had the game itself contained more drama. “Our” team just couldn’t seem to hit the ball to save their lives against this other team. The highlights of the game for me included the ump getting pelted with a ball (sorry ump) and the very last batter shattering his bat with his last hit (which resulted in an out anyway). The cheap beer and greasy food however, did live up to expectations. Oh and there were fireworks after the game. There were a number of silly moments with larger than life sized bobblehead looking “players” running around the field in a hurdle race. That was something. There was also the kiss cam- the vain side of me wanted to be featured on the mega screen smooching my man- but there was the other part of me that was sweating just thinking about it. “Does my hair look okay? Is this my best angle? I hope I don’t have food in my mouth!” Fortunately (but also unfortunately because my hair looked awesome), this 3 seconds of fame never came to be.

I think I also felt slight dismay towards the crowd and their obvious lack of energy. I’m not sure if they were less than enthusiastic due to the nature of the game or if they were just kinda lame. There was the occasional “boooo” or “go D-backs!”, but overall not the deep caveman-like grunting and stomping I have become accustomed to anticipating, thanks to Hollywood sports cinema. Nor did I see ONE foam finger. Such a disappointment.

My last couple of complaints are as followed- 1. I am confused by the D-backs mascot. Diamondbacks are a type of snake. Their mascot was some type of weird, furry mountain lion or bobcat or something. If someone could get back to me on why this is, I would appreciate it. 2. Have the players pants gotten baggier or is it just me? I feel the uniform used to be tighter with their pant legs tucked into their socks. This seems to no longer be the case. The current fashions seem less baseball-y to me. Plus it no longer emphasizes their cute round butts.

I fully recognize that this is not the most promotional post for attending a game. With that said, I am sure I will attend another in the future. I feel I owe it to myself to give it another shot and see if I can rustle up some fervor for “America’s greatest pasttime”. Maybe I will wear something red to support “my” team. Yes. That would do it.