The 11th Year.

9/11 is a day that will forever be embedded into our memories. It is a day that hangs heavy and somber in our hearts. For those who lost loved ones, it is a day to remember and grieve. But as history has always shown, life goes on. People get up each day, go to work, spend time with their families, spend money, go on vacations, etc. The most immediate reactions and emotions we had that particular day, fade slowly off into the distance.

Each year, we commemorate the anniversary of this tragic event. Some weep, some get angry and I am sure there are those who don’t bat an eye. Me? I feel sadness. But perhaps in a way you might not think. The sadness I feel is more of a yearning to remember and recreate the level of humanity that was expressed that fateful day. Political affiliations, skin color, income levels- none of that mattered. People came together to love, support and embrace one another.

Here, on the 11th anniversary of September 11, 2001, I find myself asking, “Why is it that it takes such a horrific event to bring us together as compassionate human beings?” Of course there are many individuals who practice such things as compassion, unity and love on a day to day basis, but sadly, as a whole, I feel we so easily forget to institute these virtues. Wars rage on, racism thrives, greed and egos grow, agendas implemented. We live in fear of things yet to come. We see these attacks as attacks on AMERICA. We place the blame on other cultures and beliefs. The truth is any such attack that happens anywhere in the world is a tragedy against the human race.

I don’t really believe that this world is ever truly capable of creating a utopia. I feel that there are too many who live to serve their own purpose. There are some who will see this as a cynical point of view. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I do know is that I can be me. I can be a positive and empathetic soul in a world seemingly shrouded in darkness. So today, let us not dwell on tragedy. Let us live in compassion and love everyday. Let us live our lives to the fullest in each moment. By doing so, we will continue to honor those who are no longer able.


Back to the GRIND

9am. I just the husband off to work. This time last week we were lazily waking up to the sun rising over red rocks and the sound of a bubbling creek in Zion National Park. Something is wrong with this picture.

We had spent so much time savoring each moment while traveling that we didn’t give much thought at all to home. And now here we are. A few days in feeling comfortable yet strange in our surroundings. It’s almost as if someone plopped us down into someone else’s life with all of our belongings. We find ourselves aimlessly wandering around the house not knowing what to do with ourselves. It feels like we should be going somewhere and doing something. I spent the day yesterday cleaning the house. Even though no one was living here the dust still piles up! I began to realize how much time and effort keeping up a house really takes. It is much more simple when the dirt and dust that surrounds you is supposed to be there because you are outdoors.

Mind you, I am not living a total grind. I still have the luxury of not having to work. My days are filled with writing, cleaning, reading and working on other projects. I come and go as I please and stay as busy, or not, as I desire. Come September I will be joining the resort my husband works at to offer hoop dance classes. A few hours a week of  teaching people how to spin and play with a plastic circle. One could hardly call that work. It will however, be a routine. This is not the worst thing for me though. I enjoy having things to do. I feel I am a better person when I have purpose. I like to share my passions with the world. Usually I am working on a few different things at once. Perhaps this is my Gemini nature.

All in all it feels good to be home. It is taking some adjusting but I am sure it will feel completely normal in no time at all. I am looking forward to connecting with friends I have yet to see and starting up classes and meetups again. Just gotta get back into the swing of things.