Happily Homeless Lite

So we have been on the road for almost 2 weeks now with 4 more to go. It has been a whirlwind of a trip so far as we have had travel deadlines to meet. In the past couple of weeks we have been to Joshua Tree National Park, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, a very brief stint at Lake of the Siskiyou and are currently in Ashland, Oregon. Each place has been memorable and filled with adventure and smiles but I know that the husband is definitely ready for some camping time. 

The whole experience has been interesting to observe. Basically we are doing the same thing my parents have been doing for the last 3 years but on a much smaller scale. My parents sold their home 3 years ago with the majority of their belongings, rent a small storage unit for sentimental items and drive all over the country visiting varying places and friends in a small SUV. (Read their story and follow their blog @ http://happilyhomeless2.wordpress.com/) Obviously, we are not living at quite the same extreme- we still have a home and all of our belongings awaiting our return to AZ in a month. Image

The joys on the road far outweigh the challenges but there are moments. Diet is one thing. Traveling on a budget presents a unique opportunity to get creative around meal time. We are trying to maintain healthy eating habits and are spending most of our food budget at grocery stores instead of restaurants. Now that’s not to say we don’t occasionally stop to enjoy a bite when beckoned but mostly the bulk section at the grocery store is our choice. 

Constant togetherness can also present a challenge- for me anyway. I am one of those girls that needs “me” time. And that is hard to establish when spending 6 weeks on the road together. For the most part, we are both comfortable spending lots of time together but I won’t lie, I have been rather moody for a good week or so on this trip so far. Perhaps it’s hormones, perhaps it’s the energy of all the cities or maybe I just need some time to myself. Either way, I have been blessed with a very understanding and loving husband who does his best not to let my “crazy” affect him too much. Image

Routine. It is something that you start to get into when traveling. We determine ahead of time what type of vacationing we will be doing in the next few days. Hotels, timeshare or staying with friends? Suitcases and cooler towards the front. Camping? Backpacks, gear and supplies towards the front and suitcases in the back. Loading, unloading- we pretty much have it down to a science at this point. The husband commented the other day as we were organizing our “kitchen” area in the hotel, that he felt like my parents. They too have this system in the bag. 

We have 4 weeks to go, lots more to see and people to connect with along the way. I imagine these first weeks will involve working out all the kinks. I have admiration for my parents as they continue to live their life on the road- happily and harmoniously….

To the next adventure!


One thought on “Happily Homeless Lite

  1. Dearest daughter, Happily Homeless jr~
    I so love reading YOUR traveling adventures and contrasting them with mine, and ours, and getting your perspective on how it all works for you!

    Diet-tell me about it. WHEN am I going to get that part figured out? You’d think 3 years on the road, it would be a done deal, but I find myself none the wiser after all this time-and, as a result, our meals are more bird like or squirrel like than what human like. Anything you learn along the way that you want to pass along, please share!

    Me time? When dad and I are settled somewhere for a couple weeks, I’ve gotten pretty good at going out on my own to “wander” as I put it. No particular destination in mind, just whatever feels right at the time. And computer time, with my earbugs in, is me time too, as it is for him.

    Anyways, this comment could itself turn into a blog (which it might very well, actually). I feel famous that Happily Homeless has been written about by another blogger, albeit my daughter, but you’re a good writer so I’m honored! And I love the picture that you chose. That was Destin Fl, this past winter. A place I’d rather forget, but that particular day, when we went to the Mardi Gras parade, was fun.

    Do away with the moody thing by the way. Life is too short and it will impact your perceptions. Grab these moments of travel by the short hairs and, as I read on pinterest the other day, carpe the hell out of the diem!

    love you much,
    mom (aka 1/2 of Happily Homeless)

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